In Search of Excellence

We are determined to be the best. We will continually strive for excellence. Our resolve is to stand out from the rest to be the best in our operations. Our future and survival depend on reliable and excellent service to our valued customers.

Sunset Oil is a 100% Black woman–owned woman-led company. It is run by people with skills and relevant experience in logistics, safety and management. Our values spurn the culture of entitlement and we do not as a result expect to be given work merely on the basis of being a black-woman-owned company. We offer value, expertise and professionalism. That should earn us our stripes and a special place in the industry, and we are confident we will earn respect as we carve our niche.


Safety is What Counts

What counts is safety. Excellence in operations can never be defined outside safety. Our customers measure our eligibility and effectiveness through our safety standards and protocols. Rightly so too. In some industries mistakes made can be buried and never even get known, but a little careless mistake in this industry can cause massive devastation that may be too costly to correct and restore, if at all. This realization has made Sunset Oil embrace safety as a way of life making it part of its business ethos. It is not by luck or chance that in just over 3 years of its existence Sunset Oil has had 2 very successful SQAS audits conducted by competent and accredited individuals. Safety is everyone’s business at Sunset Oil and it is an area in which Sunset Oil is prepared to go the proverbial extra mile than to just meet the minimum requirements. Our reputation and our future in the industry are all wrapped around safety. Our biggest spend after diesel and staff is safety thus putting our money where our mouth is.

A Word from Managing Director

It is our general understanding that shortcuts and a sense of entitlement are antithetical to excellence. We're professional, dedicated and motivated, expecting no favours we have not earned. For our dignity and fulfillment we want to be recognized for effort and excellence.

We are Driven.

Address:40 Flamink Road,
Alrode, 1451
Telephone:(011) 908 0278
Fax:(086) 292 3957
Did you Know?

Sunset Oil in just 3 years of existence has had 2 successful SQAS audits, 97% & 95% respectively. Sunset Oil is now assisting another EME with SQAS audit.

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